Saturday, September 17, 2016

Have You Ever Been to Elberta, Utah?

Neither had I until I met and married the man of my prayers last year. He had lived here 20 years previously, working with and training horses after many years of building homes and churches.

It's beautiful here in the most southwestern town of Utah Valley. We try to walk every morning and as we do we enjoy the incredibly beautiful and peaceful surroundings including birds chirping in the trees, 'church cows' mooing in the distance, rolling hills on several sides, blue skies, fresh air, crops being watered, and farmers out cutting their hay.

It's a beautiful life and it's a peaceful life.  Our nearest neighbor is about 1/2 mile away so we are able to enjoy tranquility unlike in the city.

I've enjoyed it though I do miss neighbors and friends close by - which is what I've always known in the past. But, I'm not complaining. I get more time for personal study and reflection which has been a needful thing to me after many years of a stressful existence.

So, I invite you to come out to Elberta.  Enjoy the surroundings and scenery of a beautiful world God created for us.

Our horse barn from a distance

Birdhouses in the trees

There's something extremely beautiful to me about a handmade fence line

Our beloved neighbors

LDS 'New Jerusalem' Motion Picture Set - across the field from us

Our daily walk.....

Something beautiful about yellow 'weeds' against dark blue sky