Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Elberta Ward Christmas Party

Wed. Dec. 7th, we held our Ward Christmas Party at the church.  Various rooms had been set-up beautifully with the Creche (nativity) sets of ward members. There were many from all parts of the world and the settings were beautifully lit and with donated table cloths from members as well.
It was a wonderful activity with deep meaning and pause for reflection.

Mike and Heidi bundled up - Christmas 2016

Photos were taken as we entered the church building (they told us to bundle-up warmly), a video was shown, Creche displays were looked upon and enjoyed as we walked from room to room, and refreshments were serve.

After a short time we were all escorted outside, in the cold, to the adjoining church park where we were treated to a beautiful LIVE Nativity from the youth in our ward. This included Mary and Joseph, Shepherds, Wisemen, Angels and on-lookers. Songs were shared and a narration taught us about the first Christmas. It was truly beautiful, meaningful, and touching.

It was also very special to have live animals participate as part of the event. There was a Donkey (to bring Mary in), chickens, sheep and goats. It was a beautiful evening to remember!

Here are some photos from the Creche display as well as Live Nativity!

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White Nativity Set

Nativity Scenes - #babyjesus #wisemen still seek him

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Willowtree Nativity Set