Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016 - Andrew speaks in Sacrament Meeting , Recipes

My son, Andrew, spoke in our Elberta Ward yesterday, as part of his 'after mission' opportunity. He shared a beautiful message about the gift of patience and a few of the lessons we can learn from both Job, and Joseph Smith.

Andrew is gifted in sharing and personalizing the scriptures. Many of us were deeply moved by the powerful witness he gave of the Savior and the meaning that was placed on us developing God-like attributes like 'patience' which bringeth 'hope'.

We held a family luncheon afterwards with Taco Salad and desserts. I made Mike's favorite 'punch' which is Sprite with Crystal Light (raspberry lemonade) and water to dilute. I topped it with a few lemons and it seems to always be a favorite.

We had guests later that evening of some student's of Chris's from her institute class. They all loved her so much and -- her legacy of hope and faith lives on through these wonderful youth.

Taco Salad:
brown a chopped onion
add hamburger and taco seasoning, then black beans and kidney beans and diced tomatoes

For Salad: layer the following:
Tortilla Chips
Hamburger mixture
Sour Cream or Ranch

Mike's Favorite Punch:
Crystal Light (Raspberry Lemonade)
Mix and add ice.
Top with lemons if desire (looks nice)